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Programmatic advertising and the #creativity
Programmatic advertising and the #creativity, my definition
article published on Pulse, LinkedIn 

There are a lot of debates regarding the programmatic advertising.

Recently, I have attended an interesting eMarketer webinar New opportunities for Creativity” about Programmatic advertising and Internet of Things.

I think that, because the creativity has an important role, there is a personal understanding regarding the programmatic advertising and I wrote my description:

Programmatic advertising, could be a creative way in advertising to enhance the sales, using the fitted datas in order to adopt the creativity on displayed ads, in at least the same rithm as the automated ads have been developed; The ads will include personalization, depending on the place, on the content where they are setting and the customization, depending on the user interests, on their location.

Besides sales, programmatic advertising could enhance customer engagement and brand awarness.

I agree with what Mr Christian Purser, chief digital officer at M&C Saatchi said on eMarketer’s Programmatic Buying Roundup , that the programmatic advertising has its roots on social media:

„In some respects, this creative evolution has its roots in social media, where marketers and agencies have had to adapt their workflow to meet the demands of always-on marketing.”

„The key difference is the access to data that programmatic provides. We’re used to it on the social side. But programmatic takes it to a whole other level with personalization, because of the proliferation of DMPs [data management platforms] and all of this data.” said Mr Luke Kintigh, global media and content strategist at Intel in the same eMarketer’s Programmatic Roundup; the Roundup compiles key trends, insights and interviews about programmatic , the fast growing ecosystem that is shaping up.

I think that programmatic advertising that arrive to combine the real time creativity, based on fitted and quality data, with an efficient automated display advertising, could be the step to the new native advertising...
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