Customer Engagement & Sustainability
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Customer Engagement & Sustainability

I) Creates and Develops a Cybernetical Relationship with Customers

In a conversational way, with Survey
Marketing with Tech and Sustainability

Surveys: developing a conversational behaiviour interviewing the customers

Benefits for companies: Business growth, Customer engagement
~test new idea and innovation
~the base for implementation new strategies and changes
~influence current offering and brand awarness
~sustainability attitude through including a sustainability education component

Value added for customers:
~their opinions are important
~showing them their importance on Sustenability and Community projects

~analyse the business opportunity
~establish the goals
~create the Survey Content
~run the Survey
~analyse the results
~come to proposals for business growth

II) Business strategy for growth for the further 3 years
It contains a Sustainability direction

~Business strategies for growth that I make, besides presenting the business framework, defining the way, the differentiators, arrive to be some dreams, defined and achievable.

~Analyse the actual framework of the company from the external and internal environments perspectives; SWOT analyse, reformulating the mission and vision taking into the consideration the sustainable component and Global Goals; the determination of the strategical business objectives regarding: clients, products and services, activities, human resources, financial actives; measure the performance, define the criterias; define the main business activities to achieve results on the way to the business mission.

~Content marketing to grow conversion and brand awarness: Native Advertising Content : Sponsored Content, Social Media Content; Google Marketing : Landing Page Content, Google Adwords

III) Sustainability is an important component in the business plan
Creation a sustainable business component aligned to SustainableDevelopmentGoals

Communication the sustainable business component

~Analyses the actual Sustainable, CSR direction in the company business
~Communication the Sustainability direction and results
~Empower the business with personalized SDG
~Creation and implementation an Innovative pilot Sustainability project

my opinions gave like comments on LinkedIn

content May 2018 

LinkedIn:  Event Planning & Event Management - the 1st Group for Event Professionals

Why are Events so addictive? Why people work on events? 

my comment
: Networking, the willing to give people valuable insights & entertainment

content April 2018

LinkedIn,  The Open University Alumni
"Looking for support" 

my comment:
Voted! This vote could show the power of The OUBS Alumni Network that can support a solution for an important challenge in #sustainability and #smartcity

content March 2018

Content Marketing:
Unlocking Sales and Marketing Performance

New Research: How Content Can Bring Sales and Marketing Together
my post:
Content Marketing customer oriented, in Native Advertising, using fitted online marketing tools, can produce results in sales and brand awareness @andrahearty3

content February 2018

my comment on LinkedIn
about Romanian economical growth

Romania is a paradoxical country. If these companies are the economical engine, than need motivational support. The same paradox, the solutions exist, but people who think them, I can be an example, are not the political decision makers

content February 2018 

Event Planning & Event Management - the 1st Group for Event Professionals

my comment: This is a kind of event fitted to show people's talents; People like when their real talents are highlighted; Because Talent exists to be seen, hear, understood

content February 2018

my post on LinkedIn
about The StartUp Nation Program 
Un ministru are rol de coacher sau in primul rand trebuie sa ia cele mai bune decizii? Sau are rol in communication pentru a comunica raspunsurile consiliilor consultative? Consiliile consultative trebuie sa fie niste dezbateri! In urma carora ministrul trebuie sa ia decizii! StartUp Nation ar fi fost un program bun, daca ar fi fost bine comunicat, dar s-a vorbit doar despre fonduri guvernamentale cand de fapt erau si fonduri europene, iar atunci cand cineva isi aloca intreg meritul, se pierde din energia reusitei

content March 2017

my post on LinkedIn about The Change
Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn
: It's not so much that people can't change; they'd prefer not to (change is hard) and we're rarely in circumstances where it's truly required

my comment:

It's hard to change, when life gives experiences to understand that the change is needed, and could precede to an evolution; people that receive explanation and support for the changes that are needed, are lucky; But they have to be open; because I think these times are for everybody

content february 2017

in context about organizing an Event `Zero Budget ` 
title: Organizing an Event Zero Budget it completlly Doable
The LinkedIn Group: Event Planning & Event Markting for Professionals 
article Chiaraluna Giontella

my comment: 
I have experience and performance I can say, organizing the Event when I launched an Event Concept: 5 o'clock @6 o'clock Lifestyle &Business Casual Events. The Challenge was to organize a high quality event; I had Zero Initial Budget; The event has been paid and every person that participated in organizing this event, have been paid from the attendees participation and through selling simple but with effect accessories that I've created to wear the Concept

content december 2016

Opinia mea la comentariul lui Cristian Ditoiu Owner at Traieste Romaneste on LinkedIn :
In legatura cu actiunea Statului Roman de cumparare a operei Brancusi `Cumintenia Pamantului` , actiune care nu a fost finalizata

„V-am lasat saraci si prosti, v-am gasit si mai saraci, si mai prosti!” Cu dragoste, Brancusi

Asa spunea Brancusi despre poporul pe care l a iubit, Brancusi care in timpul vietii era recunoscut ca fiind valoros din Paris pana la New York iar in tara nu era pretuit.

`Poate ca Brancusi este al tau... dar, eu te intreb, care este casa memoriala a lui Brancusi? Unde este scoala de sculptura Brancusi? Care este experienta Brancusi in Romania?`

Eu cred ca proprietarul unui obiect mostenire, nemostenire, decide daca il vinde sau il doneaza. Statul decide daca cumpara sau nu o opera de a lui Brancusi, o valoare culturala care, are recunoastere internationala mai veche decat recunoastere nationala. E un lucru meritos sa aloce o suma pentru o astfel de valoare, care poate oricand sa reprezinte o garantie pentru poporul roman; macar acum, daca atunci cand Brancusi era in viata l-a lasat cu o astfel de parere despre poporul sau, pe care l-a iubit. Dar in conditiile in care bani in visterie nu sunt pentru a fi alocati, in conditiile in care sunt prioritati urgente, existentiale, nu poti sa iti permiti ca o astfel de actiune organizata si cu strangere de fonduri massmarket, sa o lasi sa dureze la Infinit, ajungand sa se intoarca fara rezultate, ca o sfidare la adresa nevoilor actuale, Doaar pentru ca nu reusesti sa comunici cum trebuie. Coloana lui Brancusi, pe langa Infinit, comunica si Evolutie

in context about networking in a Group 
title: What do you want from OU LinkedIn Group?
The LinkedIn Group: The Open University Alumni
article Brian Attwood
Social Media Channel Manager and Consultant B2B Editoral Manager

my comment: Valuable support through actions with open attention
I've graduated The OU with important knowledge in Competitive Management, Management of Development and Change, and I would like this Group to be at the level of understanding of what networking could mean; giving referrals, sharing opinions and relevant content, participating at recommended webinars, events

my post on LinkedIn about AI and Human Intelligence
on Peter Diamandis LinkedIn 
Title: Human Intelligence

AI is a tool for Human Intelligence that has to help HUman Intelligence to be more effective and efficient

my post on LinkedIn about
Sophisticated, is nice; it doesn't mean to be incomprehensible; it has to mean to be cool, creative, responsible through #GoodContent; Glad to join #SophisticatedMktg

content november2016 

In context about HR

Title: What does the future of HR look like?
LinkedIn article
Popus Adriana Mihaela 

My comment: 
There is a gap between HR from companies and people looking for jobs. I am speaking from experience. Applying for job needs reaction. HR needs to not loose its meaning; to have skills to work with people. To find fitted people, to enhance the employees engagement and to represent the company, with all the premises of being a brand or becoming a brand.

My definition in context about #ContentMarketing

Title: Is Content Marketing BS?

LinkedIn Group: Marketing Communication Group
Ben Dickens  

My comment : All these long debates with no certain conclusions are because the disciplines must be seen systemic. #Communication is the system. It includes: #Advertising, #Branding, that are actions with interdependents between them. And all of them are using #ContentMarketing; could be seen like a set with tools


content august 2016
Title: Do you go with previous service providers for the history with them or for cost effective?
Kenneth Ebrahim
Managing Director Paradoc Group
LinkedIn Group: Event Planning & Event Management

my comment: Quality services and relation based on prioritizing attention for the good history partnership, with mutual benefits==My definition on business relationship

Title: Do you use brand style guides?
Liz Murphy
Content Manager Quintain Marketing
LinkedIn Group: Marketing and Communication Group

my comment: The brand style guide became branding plan, that is more about to see in perspective; too much say vision, but knowing the direction, ways that have to be chose, the marketing new tools, the actions, the actives , the criterias for prioritization; now it is more about to develop the brand and connect it to the society through responsibility programs, than to secure the branding style details

Title:Innovative content marketing ideas
Ryan Englin
CEO at Inspire Business Concepts
LinkedIn Group:Marketing and Communication Group  

my comment: Rolex has a relevant niched Native Advertising, Nike has motivated slogans, Coca-Cola tradition in all important events; These are about Content; Good article initiative to present brands examples...

Title: Social Media trends/forcast
Magda Sanojca Communication and Sales Assistent
LinkedIn Group: Marketing and Communication 

My comment
The Social Medias will be the same, will change, I think, the tools and the ways the brands will be presented; more customer oriented; an article on Native Advertising:
A good resource with valuable insights on trends could be:

content july 2016

my opinion on Jeff Weiner, CEO LinkedIn post on LinkedIn

Empathy is the key to build; The willing to support and action are important and compassion help

opinion on Kathrin Opielka, Inbound Marketing Campaign Executive
title: The Hottest Marketing Tools for 2016 posted on LinkedIn

Very useful info for marketers Kathrin!!! I can add Marketo, types of Digital Ad Tech: data management platforms, demand side, supply side, ad exchange beeing a recomandation from eMarketer could be valuable

opinion on Mehmet Soyer, Partner, aka A.S. - Speaker, Consultant 
title: New models, old wants, posted on LinkedIn

The change I think, could mean to keep what is functioning and to update them to the new demands, trends, society needs; to build an open attitude, adopting new business components, directions, that can add value through the fact that, in a measure, are solutions for the challanges

content june 2016

my opinion on LinkedIn about The Acquisition LinkedIn ~Microsoft: The Aquisition could be a Valuable opportunity for Microsoft business and fitted open windows for the LinkedIn Brand future

opinion on Peter Diamandis, Co Founder Vice Chairman at Human Longevity
title:The way we learn today is just wrong, posted on LinkedIn
my opinion:
I consider AI a good invention for people; created tens years ago to help people and I think the main AI goal is to grow up the efficiency; but it shouldn’t replace the feel and think; I like your article and as you’ve said the VR could be important in the new educational system; very interesting examples; I think AI, during its development should maintain its goal and the content for games, VR should be developed with responsibility; My son, 6 years old, is a champion in gaming on iPad and he is playing under my control; he is playing when and with an important condition: to play with relax, with determination to obtain good score but not with stress And I found an important benefit for children in playing games in this condition, besides the fact that the games could have good, creative, educative Content: the benefit to form an attitude for uncomfortable situation, with emotions and stress like exams, when they need to focus, to give everything they know in a limited time

content may 2016

opinion on Mehmet Soyer, Partner, aka A.S. - Speaker, Consultant, M&A Preparation & Corporate Social Communication
Title: New models, old wants posted on LinkedIn

my opinion:
The Change I think, could mean to keep what is functioning and to update them to the new demands, trends, society needs; to build an open attitude, adopting new business components, directions, that can add value through the fact that, in a measure, are solutions for the challanges

Betty Liu, Founder CEO Radiate, post on LinkedIn
Tile: Warren Buffett just summed up essence leadership in 2 sentence

my opinion:
Leadership is about vision, courage, empathy, abilities; the intelligence, hardworking are generally good characteristics for good employees; I think that as many are the leadership characteristics, together with abilities, as more are the chances for integrity

Winnie NDJOCK, Communication Manager Millenium Immobiliar posted on LinkedIn
Title: „How content works for you?”
LinkedIn Marketing

my opinion:
I think and through my experiences and results created:
The content, even it is very quality and fitted with context, cannot create results without technology support; that could mean:
~content + website functionality---structured, organized content---grows content relevancy, qualified traffic
~SEO optimized content + search engines---grows organic traffic
~quality content + advertisments---grows the database with potential clients
~content + customer support---grows sales
~content + Social Media---grows qualified traffic, awarness
*Very important: content has to be #customeroriented

Sundar Pichai, CEO Google 
In His First Letter To Employees As Google CEO, Sundar Pichai Predicts The End Of Computers As A Device
my opinion posted on LinkedIn

The computers are Artificial Intelligence from the beginning. Now, with innovative updates, became more intelligent. But one of the most important thing is to arrive to monetize the quality content.

opinion on Frederik Soder, Business Communicator in the Automotive Industry, post
Title: How to Blog
posted on LinkedIn, Marketing Communication Group

The meanings that I like and I would like for a blogg, even very specialized, are: to exprime opinions, relates, thoughts, feelings...
a valuable content with links to valuable content on other websites, bloggs...
being able to be, for those who arrive to read it
* a source of information,
* a source of inspiration,
* a place that open structured, organized ways to another valuable content...

opinion on Reid Hoffman, Founder Partner LinkedIn post
Title: The four tiers of engagement: What Silicon Valley taught me about collaboration and time management

I think at these times, we need to move quickly and to see fast results; arrived to be difficult to make plans on long periods of time. It is good to make a new Gantt, a little bit different, based on choosing well the most efficient actives, needed for each activity; all these will give a picture for the project status; will give an efficient budget needed, will give the shorter time needed to implement the project
The four tiers of engagement: What Silicon Valley taught me about collaboration and time management

Opinion on James Bourne, Editor TechForge Media on LinkedIn
Title: Download: Innovating the digital customer experience: From dream to screen

my answer:
I think that innovation needs creativity and in tech, needs knowledge and understanding
~innovation means to open new ways ; it is more than update, upgrade, more memory
~a company cannot expect innovation if it isn't open to the new ideas, different, logical, creative; new ideas, even are not included into the procedures
~the best tool for innovation: to approach to the customers and to understand them
~the second important tool for innovation is to think, simple
with respect

content march 2016

Opinion on Bill Gates on LinkedIn post
title: If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be?

To #MakeABetterWorld
The goal has to be: to find and implement cost effective and innovative solutions for climate change and this could have like result, the reduction of poverty

content february 2016

Joel Alpert Branding Digital Marketing Creative Communications Director

title:Brand Strategy v. Creative Strategy...CONFUSED?

When we can speak about brand strategy, I think we speak about the brand development strategy that includes the premises to be or to become brand and about the communication strategy that includes besides other parts, the creative part

Jeff Weinner CEO LinkedIn
Title: Investing in native ads & delivering a single unified ad platform - Evolving LinkedIn's Marketing Solutions Strategy

my answer: Programmatic advertising that combine the real time creativity, based on fitted and quality data, with an efficient automated display advertising, could be the step to the new native advertising..

TED Conferences
What motivates us at work? More than money:
my answer:A good framework for innovative ideas that can add value and results

opinion on Ryan Holiday , Author of The Obstacle is The Way -- Portfolio/Penguin Random House
Title: Here’s the Strategy Elite Athletes Follow to Perform at the Highest Level

my comment:
*you have to act into the process, following the very fitted, valuable, life demonstrated values, like they lighting your way , to arrive to receive and to deserve the prize
*the process is the entire way to arrive to the prize; these are life passes like in tennis; these are training you during the process, to arrive to your potential

Opinion on Tony Robbins best selling author New York Times, post

Anticipation is the ultimate power in business

Anticipation could be power in these times if the resources needed to be prepare can be managed and the voice that announced it, can be heard

content january 2016

Title: The philosophy of epic entrepreneurs: Warren Buffett
Posted on LinkedIn Pulse

A valuable article of Mr Richard Branson highlights values

Opinion on Luis Gallardo, Chief Executive Officer at Thinking Heads, post
Title: A Master Chef’s Five Ingredients For Revamping Your Tired Social Media Strategy
Posted on LinkedIn Pulse

I appreciate the article, especially how you chose the subject; Regarding cooking, it's cooking sweets, with 5 till 8 ingredients is possible to make tens different recipes; depends on the creativity to establish the quantities, to chose the order and the way to mix them. The cooking could be compare with creating content, having like ingredients the words, the photos, being the base for the communication; because in Social Media we are communicating

Opinion on Tony Robbins best selling author New York Times, post
Title: How money make you happy? Money can buy happiness?
Posted on LinkedIn Pulse

Money need respect; Money cannot buy happiness; Money can give happiness
content december 2015

Opinion on Marillyn Hewson, Lockheed Martin President and CEO
Title: How innovation in space improves life on Earth
Posted on LinkedIn Pulse

Everywhere, the innovations are based on simple things; I think that in space it is important a thin feel to observe, to experiment, to see different

Opinion on Reid Hoffman, Entrepreneur, investor, founder LinkedIn
Title: Blitzcaling lessons from Master Yoda: May the Force be with you
Posted on LinkedIn Pulse

Nice! And could be nice to include the Force's definition, Obi-Wan Kenobi 
my facebook

Opinion on Madalina Dobraca, Executive Search post

Title: Romania seen my 14 years old daughter

posted on LinkedIn 

Yes, there are beauties, there still are children that can appreciate them, but I think and I feel that their representative procent regarding the country reality became very low, sometimes unsignificat.
To grow up this procent, we need to try to change things.
I appreciate your article. I like how your daughter is seeing, the pictures, her talent, the views.
And maybe because I like them, I feel to continuu your article with mine
My son wants to be astronaut, my daughter is a talented young girl.
They are nourishing for my determination.
They and all the children need a fitted framework for their development to arrive to respect these places, to represent and to support them with dignity, wherever will be in this world.
We need to create a better present and future for us.
I have solutions and I’m sure there are many people with solutions.
I would like to disscus with Mr Prime Minister to present a few viable solutions for this country, if someone representative can introduce me, will be appreciated.
I’m saying this because part of me still can see like seeing through your daughter lenses...

content december 2015

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