Incoronare cu elemente de basm


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Incoronarea Regelui Charles III este un eveniment notabil, istoric de necontestat. Monarhia continua sa detina o importanta politica, ecomonica si sociala, prin influenta sa globala…astrala si ancestrala. Reprezinta inca un reper, o speranta, o credinta.

Este o mare responsabilitate, iar cand Regele este om bun, patriot, apropiat de oameni si de natura si care a dobandit si intelepciune de a lungul timpului, cu toate greutatile globale de toate felurile, in saracie sau in bogatie, spunem God Save The King si pentru intreaga sa familie si pentru toti cei care il sustin.

Intotdeauna au fost momente grele in istorie si cu toate astea, povestile cu regi, printi, printese, caleasca poleita cu aur, cai extraodinari, ordine si disciplina, ovatii si flori, au creat momente de bucurie si speranta.

Asa a fost si aceasta incoronare, cu Regele Charles si his Queen Camila, vizibili emotionati dar fericiti. O incununare a loialitatii monarhiei de pana acum. Un moment de glorie, decent in acelasi timp. Ca un moment de incoronare dupa plecarea fastuoasa si magistrala a Queen Elizabeth II, cea care a aparat monarhia multor generatii.

Las aici cateva poze, pe care le-am preluat de pe YouTube in timp ce urmaream transmisia Live. Mi-ar fi placut sa fiu prezenta in person, dar atmosfera a fost relevant transmisa si a fost si prima data cand cu ajutorul tehnologiei, o incoronare reala cu elemente de basm putea fi vazuta Live de intreaga planeta.










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Crowning With Fairy Tale Elements


romanian version


The coronation of King Charles III is a remarkable event and an historical moment.

The monarchy continues to hold a political, economic and social importance, through its global…astral and ancestral influence. It represents a landmark, a hope, a faith.

It is a great responsibility, and when the King is a good man, a patriot, close to people and nature and who has acquired wisdom over time, with all global hardships of all kinds, in poverty or in wealth, we say God Save The King and good wishes for his entire family and for all those who support him.

There have always been difficult moments in history, and with all that, the stories of kings, princes, princesses, golden chariots, extraordinary horses, order and discipline, ovations and flowers, created moments of joy and hope. So was this coronation, with King Charles and his Queen Camilla, visibly emotional but happy. A crowning of the loyalty for the monarchy until now. A moment of glory, decent at the same time. As a moment of coronation after the magnificent and magisterial departure of Queen Elizabeth II, the one who defended the monarchy for many generations.

I leave here some pictures, which I took from YouTube, while watching the live broadcast. I would have liked to be present in person, but the atmosphere was relevantly transmitted and it was also the first time when, with the help of technology, a real coronation with fairy tale elements could be live seen by the whole planet.









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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, continues to impress



Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, continues to impress

At the Ceremony of her exit from the human frame and her passage into the area of ​​@guardian angels@, she gathered almost all the leaders of the world. Regardless of nationality, color, political orientations, religion, culture…

And in the days leading up to the funeral ceremony, she was commemorated by her people, who showed her respect and gratitude, with millions, in an unprecedented organization and mobilization. I think there will be generations that will see this incredible Ceremony again.

Queues of tens of kilometers, with people in silence and respect, to make a last bow …

But not only the UK, Ireland and Scotland commemorated the life of Queen Elizabeth II, BUT THE WHOLE WORLD.
Worldwide, dozens of buildings, stadiums, airplanes, airports, institutions, displayed the flag of England and the face of the Queen, representing it with serenity.

National and international press, Social Media, companies, associations, institutions, governments, presidents.
Everyone paid tribute to the one who represented a symbol of engagement, a symbol of pacifist understanding, being liked and loved all over the world.
Millions of people, all over the world, have plans because they loved her, they regretted because she represented their hope for peace and good life, many showed their gratitude and respect.

And the Funeral Ceremony was overwhelming. With an organization close to perfection, with a deployment of military forces, police, various costumes, uplifting marching band and choral music, the services in the two cathedrals, absolutely special and impressive.

Watching the Funeral Ceremony on SkyNews, I captured some incredible images.
With the Queen’s place in front of the altar, which looks as if the Queen was in the person in front of the altar, wearing a cape with wings and a flower hat… this is how I saw the “design”, I don’t know if anyone could see this, I found it magical…

Screenshot_20220921-224640_Video trimmer
I think what impressed me the most was the departure from London, on the road full of people, waiting on entire kilometers for the convoy to pass in their applause… On the road lighted by the sun… And then, the entrance to Windsor Palace, among the flowers brought by the people covering the whole garden, near his army and waited on by his employees, by his horse and dogs, by family members, friends, priests and the wonderful choir.


What came out as lessons and inspiration, for the whole world, is to use true diplomacy, to appreciate the clarity, quality, the respect to be one of the essential values ​​of a society. In order to know wellbeing and welfare, we must have an appropriate attitude, to credit with confidence the balance, the intelligence, experience, knowledge, the wisdom, regardless of age. And without discrimination.

Many beautiful, real things have been presented about the Queen these days. I will say more what I wrote on the note together with my son, and place it in a bouquet of flowers, lit by a candle, as a sign of respect, to the UK Embassy in Bucharest.

Good heart, Smart, Wise, Patriot, Good Mother, Strong, Funny, Beautiful
Queen Elizabeth II

Drum Lin Majestate!

photo credits: SkyNews, Reuters, Google, Facebook




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Majestatea sa, Regina Elizabeth II, continua sa impresioneze



Majestatea sa, Regina Elizabeth II, continua sa impresioneze

A adunat la Ceremonia iesirii sale din cadrul uman si a trecerii ei in zona de @ ingeri pazitori@, pe aproape toti liderii lumii. Indiferent de nationalitate, culoare, directii politice, religie, cultura…

Iar in zilele premergatoare Ceremoniei funerare, a fost comemorata de poporul sau, cel care i-a aratat respectul si multumirea, cu milioanele, intr-o organizare si mobilizare, fara precedent. Cred ca vor fi generatii care vor revedea aceasta incredibila Ceremonie.

Cozi de zeci de km, cu oameni in tacere si smerenie, pentru a face o ultima reverenta la capataiul ei.

Dar nu doar UK, Irlanda si Scotia au comemorat viata Reginei Elizabeth II, CI O LUME INTREAGA.
Worldwide, zeci de cladiri, stadioane, avioane, aeroporturi, institutii, au afisat drapelul Angliei si chipul Reginei, reprezentandu-l cu seninatate.

Presa nationala si internationala, Social Media, companii, asociatii, institutii, guverne, presedinti.
Toti i-au ridicat omagii, celei care a reprezentat un simbol pentru commitment, un simbol al intelegerii pacifiste, fiind simpatizata si indragita in intreaga lume.
Milioane de oameni, in toata lumea, au plans pentru ca au iubit o, au regretat pentru ca reprezenta o speranta de pace si de bine pentru ei, multi si-au aratat recunostiinta si respectul.

Iar Ceremonia Funerara a fost coplesitoare. Cu o organizare apropiata de perfectiune, cu o desfasurare de forte militare, politie, costume diverse, muzica de fanfara si corala inaltatoare, slujbele in cele doua catedrale, absolut deosebite si impresionante.

Urmarind Ceremonia Funerara pe SkyNews, am surprins cateva imagini incredibile.
Cu locul Reginei in fata altarului, care arata ca si cum Regina era chiar in persoana in fata altarului, purtand o capa cu aripi si o palarie de flori…asta imi inspira “designul”, nu stiu daca cineva a dorit sa fie asa, dar ceea ce a iesit, mi se pare fabulos…

Screenshot_20220921-224640_Video trimmer
Dar cred ca cel mai tare m-a impresionat, plecarea din Londra, pe drumul plin de oameni, asteptand, pe kilometrii intregi trecerea convoiului in aplauzele lor… Pe drumul luminat de soare…Si apoi, intrarea in Palatul Windsor, printre florile oamenilor presarate pe intreg gazonul, condusa fiind de armata sa si asteptata de angajati, de calul si de cainii sai, de membrii familiei, prieteni, preoti si minunatul cor.


Ceea ce s-a desprins ca invataminte si inspiratie, pentru o lume intreaga este, sa folosim diplomatia adevarata, sa apreciem organizarea, calitatea, respectul sa fie una dintre valorile esentiale ale unei societati, care pentru a cunoaste bunastare, trebuie sa aiba atitudine, sa creditam cu incredere echilibrul, inteligenta, experienta, cunostiintele, intelepciunea, indiferent de varsta. Si fara discriminari.

S-au prezentat multe lucruri frumoase, reale, despre Regina in aceste zile. Eu voi spune doar ceea ce am scris pe biletelul pus intr-un buchet de flori, luminat de o lumanare, pe care le-am depus, in semn de respect, impreuna cu fiul meu, la Ambasada UK in Bucuresti.

Good heart, Smart, Wise, Patriot, Good Mother, Strong, Funny, Beautiful
Queen Elizabeth II

Drum Lin Majestate!

photo credits: SkyNews, Reuters, Google, Facebook

Q4 Q5



20220922_213723 Q2Screenshot_20220920-225752_Facebook Screenshot_20220921-223132_Video trimmer



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Hybrid Work and Sustainability



Hybrid work can be the harmonious combination between professional life and family life/ extra professional, with benefits for people and companies and with beneficial effects in the economy, social, environment. Because time and energy are more manageable and also, because it has been proven, since this pandemic, that #hybridwork helps a #sustainablebusiness, especially in terms of reduction of pollution, uncontrolled consumption of water and electricity. 

The shift to the Green Economy, with a rapid growth in some countries such as the UK, where, according to the data, the low carbon sector grew by 7.4% 2019/2020 and 9% in 2020/2021 is supported to a considerable extent and of the #hybridwork strategies adopted by some companies. They support a sustainable business towards net zero targets, such as those set by the EU Green Deal, for example, with a commitment to reduce emissions till 2050 by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.  

Developing and adapting tech solutions for hybrid work / remote work, I addressed this topic in the part 1 of the article, along with achieving companies #sustainablegoals, which are already adopted or will be adopted in the near future, inevitably lead to rethinking strategies at cities level, at #smartcity, taking into account hybrid work. This will be an important topic at Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo next month, 

“how to better create hybrid environments, enhance digital skill-building, and prepare your community for change”   

“The world of work is changing in every way. COVID-19 caused major shifts in where and how we work, and the need for a digital workforce outpaced other areas for job growth. The rise of robotics and AI-automated tools will further escalate the need for new thinking as cities optimize their workforces and work environments.”  

#hybridwork #sustainability #sustainablebusiness #smartcity #GreenEconomy #EUGreenDeal #COVID19 

*This article was previously posted on LinkedIn, September 2021

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Facing #HybridWork, a “new normal” challenge


desk (3)

“There’s no going back to the way the work environment it was before”  

Many surveys conducted last year and this year, show that people want to work remotely at least a few days a week, 86% of employees, and 74% of companies in UK now are planning on maintaining the increase in #HybridWorking, as it shows a Regus company report.   

In US 55%of employees want a mixture of home and office working.    

“We try to use home working days less for video sessions and more for the tasks that require concentration. A task that may take several hours in the office may be completed in just an hour or two at home,” the source BBC, in the article Why the future of work might be ‘hybrid’ – BBC Worklife  

“Remote work has been proven to save millions of dollars for enterprises and employees are more productive when working from home”, it says in a UiPath article, which highlights the role that automation, RPA solutions have, in overcoming the most important barriers that a company has in the remote work or hybrid work implementation strategy.     

And these obstacles are legacy system and operations system, and the implementation of “Automation technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) have a unique capacity to bridge the gap between short-term workforce changes and longer-term modern solutions“ .   

You can find in this webinar how the UiPath Platform helps to pivot to remote work in the “new normal”.  

From my own experience, I also believe that through a good organization, #HybridWork can be the beneficial combination between professional life and extra-professional, personal, family life, with a good yield for people and companies.   

Thus, hybrid work can have a beneficial impact on the economy, social and environment, and I will narrate this in a future article.  

#HybridWork #RemoteWork #ModernSolutions 

*This article was previously posted on LinkedIn, on August 2021

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Uite Marea, nu e Marea



In vacanta de Paste, Aprilie 2021, am mers pentru 3 zile la Marea Neagra, Mamaia. Marea ne cheama oricand licaresc raze de soare.

Impreuna cu Lucas, am pornit desi stiam ca vremea va fi destul de inchisa.



Ne-a intampinat o autostrada aranjata, foarte buna soseaua, pe care ne aflam doar noi si rar cateva masini razlete.

Cand am ajuns, am inceput sa cautam Marea. Din anumite locuri de pe “vechea faleza” sau cum sa o numesc, se vedea, dar din alte locuri, Marea nu se mai vedea.

IMG_20210426_174217 IMG_20210426_192910 IMG_20210426_193943

Cand spun ca nu se mai vedea, spun ca intre terase si Mare, este o mare intindere de, am crezut ca nisip, dar sunt scoici amestecate cu putin nisip.

Se lucra zi pana noapte, 7 din 7, pentru, nu stiu, pentru largirea plajei. Chiar ma gandeam ca daca romanii ar munci peste tot si ar fi platiti, normal, asa cum se munceste aici, am fi Top of the Top!

Mie, care imi plac cochiliile, ma simteam intr-un paradis al lor, dar neputincioasa! Imi venea sa le adun pe toate.

Eu, fara masca, intr-o intindere de scoici diverse, care scartaiau sub picioare, cu sunetul marii pe fundal, care se mai si vedea putin. Amestecata cu cerul, Marea se vedea ca o dunga vernil, albastru inchis, albastru deschis. Si da, Marea Neagra nu mai era neagra. Daca nu ar fi fost 7 grade celsius, parea ca eram in desert si vedeam “fata morgana”!

IMG_20210426_194243 IMG_20210426_194206 IMG_20210426_163400 IMG_20210425_192345 IMG_20210426_160220 IMG_20210425_194642Am inteles ca vor sa mareasca plaja din Mamaia, chiar daca era o plaja destul de incapatoare. Dar oricate beneficii ar fi, cred ca s-a extra exagerat! Ce conducere cu gandire strategica, sustenabila, responsabila? Nepasare!


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Horizon Europe, Sustainable Program


Horizon Europe

#HorizonEurope 2021-2027 framework program, represents the largest collaborative multinational Research and Innovation Investment in Europe

In 15 March 2021, the European Commission adopted the first strategic plan for Horizon Europe, the new EU research and innovation programme, with €95.5 billion in budget, that contribute to EU priorities: GreenDeal with solutions on Climate Change and Green Europe with no pollution, clean energy, a Europe fit for the digital age, and an Green Economy that works for People.

Very important mention, Horizon Europe means 7 yeas of works and preparations and Co-Design initiatives.

Since the summer of 2019, the EU Commission started an extensive Co-Design activities,  inviting anyone with an interest in EU Research and Innovation priorities, anywhere in the world, to participate in consultation exercises on the Horizon Europe’s first strategic plan.

I appreciate this and I am proud for my participation because with my values, goals and aspirations, I express how I would like to be this important EU program.

Here is a fragment of my contribution:

~ „People build tools deeply influenced by tools they use to build new tools” True innovation can change this for better and open new ways. I think that innovation and vision, with ponder in eligibility criteria in EU Programs like Horizon Europe, can be at these times, more important that financial prediction in unsure economies. I consider Horizon Europe a Sustainable Program, focused on Research & Innovation that can enhance an evolution of humanity through: AI&Tech, innovative solutions on Sustainability following the SDGs, solutions on ClimateChange, educative leadership and good& efficient marketing & communication

My inputs, views and opinions IN 2019 CoDesign EU initiative for #HorizonEurope

For the next 4 years, there are 4 strategic orientations for Research and Innovation Investments in Horizon Europe:

  • Technology and Digitalization
  • Sustainable natural resources, ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Sustainable economy, circular economy, renewable energy
  • Resilient, inclusive and democratic EU society

International cooperation underpins all four orientations, as it is essential for tackling COVID crises and many global challenges.





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Realitati de weekend in minivacanta


Poza cu frumusetile naturii in romaniaBucuresti, un oras in sufletul meu!

Bucuresti azi, murdar, plin de gunoaie! De ce nu se vede nimic bun de la alegeri? Am votat schimbarea de care era nevoie,
dar degeaba! Oamenii trebuie sa vada schimbare in bine pentru ei, din prima luna dupa alegeri! Cum sa poti sa dormi noaptea dupa atat de multe promisiuni?

Un patinoar nou, marime  ½ in centru, langa hotel Caro, singurul patinoar in zona de nord, cu o imbulzeala de copii dornici de miscare, normal, dar si de adulti care dadeau din coate pe langa copii, pentru ca vroiau si ei la patinoar. Cine sa ii condamne pe ei? De fapt, un vacarm si o bataie de joc din partea autoritatilor care au acceptat asa un compromis si un praf in ochi! Ce sentimente de bucurie?! Poate de mila!

„Totusi e ceva fata de nimic” m-am trezit chiar eu sa spun cand o aparam pe tanti de la inchirieri patine, care era apostrofata de o persoana, pentru lipsa de organizare. Persoana gresise de fapt directia de reclamatii, care trebuie exprimate direct catre autoritati! Poate decidentii inteleg cumva ca nu suntem toti niste hipnotizati si prosti!

Am hotarat sa merg 2 zile la munte cu baiatul meu, in mini vacanta, sa coboram de cateva ori o partie, fiind constienta de timpul care trebuie petrecut la cozi. Cozi, tot din proasta organizare, lipsa de viziune si creativitate, pentru ca dau la o parte ca ar putea sa fie rea vointa! Evident, chiar fiind pandemie, existau solutii si pentru aceste cozi de mii de oameni dornici sa schieze! Sa nu mai pun ca sustineau si economia si turismul romanesc!

Mai intai, inarmati cu rabdare, am petrecut timp la coada de masini pe ValeaPrahovei! Cativa kilometrii tarati in ore! Aveam timp sa admiram minunatiile naturii, sa facem poze frumoase dar, sa vedem si gunoaiele, mizeria, nepasarea!

Ajunsi la destinatie, realizam ca pensiunea cu poze frumoase pentru care am facut rezervare de fapt nu exista, nimeni nu raspunde la telfon, nimeni nu stia despre existenta ei, adresa era pe undeva!

Am primit o oferta de last room si last minutes la un hotel, un pret pe care il plateam acum ceva timp la 5* in Austria sau Elvetia, cu deosebirea ca, spre deosebire de acolo, aici era dezordine, mizerie, dezinteres ! De jur imprejur in statiune era, de asemenea, excluzand natura, urat, mizerie, dezinteres!

Dupa cateva ture de statiune, am facut stanga imprejur si ne-am intors in Bucuresti.

Chiar daca am petrecut, din nou, cateva ore de „ Life is beautiful” cu copilul meu, cu rasete, povesti, discutii, dulciuri, in masina, concluzia este ca lucrurile stau mult mai prost decat in trecut, vorbind despre aceleasi locuri, iar despre cum imi imaginez eu sau cred ca ar putea sa fie in viitorul apropiat, situatia este foarte departe!

Este involutie iar necazul este ca oamenii sunt din ce in ce mai aplecati, mai resemnati sau nivelul general de perceptie asupra cum trebuie sa fie lucrurile, este down!

As vrea sa pot sa includ in acest text niste poze cu minunatiile naturii dar, cred ca acum nu isi au locul! Le pastrez in suflet!

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EU @EUCO #RecoveryPackage



Some of the ideas I drew from press conferences and statements on the EUCO Summit in Brussels on 21 July 2020 lead me to say that what has been decided on the fate of Europe and the European Union, makes this Summit a historic moment.


For the European Union countries, an unprecedented financial package of 1.8 trillion Eur is allocated for Economic Recovery. This mobilization of forces is due, if I can say like this, to the Covid 19 crisis, that blocked, scared and even killed people, all over the world.

From the first days of the pandemic, following the events, I saw the statements of Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission and I felt sincere empathy and desire to do everything to help and save European countries, and then for global involvement. I believe that her contribution has been very important in the allocation of these funds and this has led to other good actions, namely, the support of EUCO and of the leaders of the EU Institutions; the agreement given by EU countries to “work and gov together, today, 27 EU member states presidents took this decision ”. „It seemed an impossible mission, but we did it; We feel the message EU is strong, ”said Charles Michel, President of the European Council.

After the EUCO Summit, Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen states that this support for EU countries is granted in the spirit of “Rule of Law, Financial Protection and Interest of the Union” so that, through this #RecoveryPackage and through investments, we “evolve towards a modern and sustainable European Union “.

The course of action of the EU countries must be a “Robust, United, Strong” one and to address the main “challenges of the future”. Therefore, the access of the funds allocated to each country, by each country, with efficient projects, must be done in a very clear way:

  • The Access is voluntary
  • The country receives specific recommendations, and through the allocated funds, the weaknesses of the respective country must be improved
  • Respecting EU values
  • Setting milestones for each country

This Recovery Package is aimed at Economic Recovery and Modernization of EU Member States, through “Repair, Reform, Remodel”.



This Recovery Package is aimed at Economic Recovery and Modernization of EU Member States, through “Repair, Reform, Remodel”.



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