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Welcome to Automation First Area
UiPath provides the report “Welcome to Automation First Era: Your guide to a thriving enterprise in an automated world” The UiPath mission is to provide the platform for the automation first mindset, and the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform has several components detalii
Black Friday Is Changing How Consumers in Canada Shop During the Holidays
Smart Energy International 27 Nov 2019
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Mediul online este astazi o realitate care vine sa completeze realitatea vietii noastre. Directia in viata unei afaceri/a unei idei/a vietii personale este data de atingerea unor obiective si teluri.
Spatiul digital ofera un cadru eficient de atingere acestor obiective, iar principalul avantaj competitiv al actiunilor de marketing online este, mai mult decat costul, timpul mult mai scurt in care pot fi atinse aceste obiective.

Pentru ca in viata de zi cu zi timpul a devenit esenta.

Este adevarat, mediul online are propriile sale reguli, dar asta nu inseamna ca trebuie sa fim aici, altfel decat in realitate. Este important sa fim acolo unde se afla cei care au nevoie de noi.

Mark Zuckerberg despre aplicatia Facebook Stories, content 2011

Mark Zuckerberg despre 500 milioane Facebook Stories. O aplicatie Facebook pentru postarea unor povesti de succes despre folosirea platformei in business.

Native ads must be contextually relevant to surrounding content, content 2015
Native advertising will continue on a strong growth trajectory over the coming years. For example, estimates released in November 2014 by BI Intelligence forecast that US native ad spending would rise by 35.4% in 2015, to $10.7 billion. By 2018, this was expected to nearly double, hitting $21.0 billion. And in a Q4 2014 study by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), 66% of US client-side marketers planned to increase their native ad budgets in 2015, vs. 55% who had done so in 2014., content 2015
For me, is like an ERP of the:

~ world digital marketplace
~ world internet marketplace
~ world mobile marketplace
~ world online & traditional marketing and advertising marketplace
~ world IT&C marketplace

I like to read it because:

* able to give an instant picture of a situation from different domains on different marketplaces
* could give important highlights on trends, consumer behaviours, customer needs
* is a giver...allowing people to see the highlights, to take advanteges for being the readers,, the attendees of this valuable content

News, a collection with selected articles
Programmatic advertising and the #creativity, my definition, content octomber 2015

article plublished on Pulse, LinkedIn 

There are a lot of debates regarding the programmatic advertising.

Recently, I have attended an interesting eMarketer webinar „ New opportunities for Creativity” about Programmatic advertising and Internet of Things.

I think that, because the creativity has an important role, there is a personal understanding regarding the programmatic advertising and I wrote my description:

Programmatic advertising, could be a creative way in advertising to enhance the sales, using the fitted datas in order to adopt the creativity on displayed ads, in at least the same rithm as the automated ads have been developed; The ads will include personalization, depending on the place, on the content where they are setting and the customization, depending on the user interests, on their location.

Besides sales, programmatic advertising could enhance customer engagement and brand awarness.

I agree with what Mr Christian Purser, chief digital officer at M&C Saatchi said on eMarketer’s Programmatic Buying Roundup , that the programmatic advertising has its roots on social media:

„In some respects, this creative evolution has its roots in social media, where marketers and agencies have had to adapt their workflow to meet the demands of always-on marketing.”

„The key difference is the access to data that programmatic provides. We’re used to it on the social side. But programmatic takes it to a whole other level with personalization, because of the proliferation of DMPs [data management platforms] and all of this data.” said Mr Luke Kintigh, global media and content strategist at Intel in the same eMarketer’s Programmatic Roundup; the Roundup compiles key trends, insights and interviews about programmatic , the fast growing ecosystem that is shaping up.

I think that programmatic advertising that arrive to combine the real time creativity, based on fitted and quality data, with an efficient automated display advertising, could be the step to the new native advertising...
What is LinkedIn?

Despre beneficiile folosirii platformei LinkedIn in business
content 2011
The 3 of the reasons that I consider very valuable about LinkedIn
 The 3 of the reasons that I consider very valuable about LinkedIn:

*I think, at this moment LinkedIn is one of the most fitted framework for a professional presentation about knowledge, skills, education, experience, abilities, for people that want to present their work, things that they can move, thinks that they hope to change...

*On the same time, LinkedIn could be a fitted place for the companies that want to present the benefits that they offer, their mission, their sustenable projects, how they can make a difference...

*LinkedIn gives chances for those people that don’t feel confortable to speak about themselves; this could arrive to be very important; very often, these people are valuable...
Through the comments, publishing, shares, they arrive to speak about how they are thinking, they arrive to present their opinions, they can like and appreciate others and could arrive to be appreciated...

Content creators, bloggs, inspiration
Content creators, bloggs, inspiration

article published on Pulse LinkedIn
From the beginning of the concept of blog, the traditional mean of the blog was to enhance, for the people that wanted to open a blog, the communication about things that they like, about their lifes, about their thoughts; a content with links to things they are reffearing about

In time, the blogs became very specialized, specific on different verticals and on different domains of activity: economy, fashion, turism, auto, architecture, design, environmental,science, health, education...

A few months ago, I wrote a comment on LinkedIn about the copywriting and the content , highlighting the role of the copywriters for the marketing, for the communication, considering that they are writting content, not only texts

~ Now, the copywriter is a very general term and usually, the copywriters are those who are writing texts; very basicaly, this is true.

Let’s grow up a level and consider that the copywriters write content.
On this way, the copywriters could be:
* those who are relating about facts, events, news... we can call them content editors
* those who are writing content about companies, products and services, brands...being able to make a difference, to present the advantages, to arrive to the clients, generating sales, brand awarness...we can call them content marketers
*those who are creating content, being able to transmit new ideas, concepts, feelings, benefits, opinions...we can call them content creators

Considering that the copywriters are writing content and that they could have all the rols mentioned above, copywriters have a very important role, and we can say...

The copywrite could be an art...the art to manage the words, being able to transmit ideas, feelings, concepts, benefits, relates...through an appropriate content, that those who are reading, to consider that is relevant, usefull, nice, valuable...and the copywriter...the artist...~

On this way, brands need good content on their websites and a content creator could be blogger and on the same time copywriter, writting content on specific domains they have synergy with, for specific brands...

The meanings that I like and I would like for a blog, even very specialized, are to exprim opinions, relates, thoughs, feelings...a valuable content with links to valuable content on other websites, blogs... being able to be, for those who arrive to read it, a source of information, a source of inspiration, a place that open structured, organized ways to another valuable content...

Your opinions regarding the most important thing that you appreciate on a blog could be very valuable...
Betty este Guru in Social Media
A fi prezent pe Facebook nu inseamna a avea o Strategie Social Media...
content 2011
Reputatia brand-ului in Social Media
content 2011

Cateva instrumente de masurare a reputatiei brand-ului in Social Media

Google Alerts
( )–trimite e-mail cu ultimele rezultate relevante obtinute in cautarile Google in functie de cuvintele cheie pe care le-ati definit; puteti sa subscrieti sa-l primiti prin e-mail sau RSS; sunt urmarite blogurile, articolele noi difuzate, videoclipurile noi, grupurile de discutii

Technorati ( ) – considerat cel mai mare motor de cautare pentru bloguri; subscrieti pentru RSS pentru a fi atentionat atunci cand cineva mentioneaza brand-ul dumneavoastra in bloguri

Social Mention ( ) – motor de cautare pentru Social Media care urmareste user-ii care genereaza content prin blog-uri, comentarii, stiri, videoclipuri, etc; puteti astfel sa stiti orice mentionare a brand-ului dumneavoastra in toate canalele Social Media.

FriendFeed( ) – acest instrument poate sa urmareasca toate account-urile pe care le aveti in Social Media si sa adune informatia noua intr-un singur “feed”; folosind acest motor de cautare puteti sa vedeti rezulatele cautarii brand-ului dumneavoastra, in acelasi timp, in toate retelele social media

Monitter ( ) – va permite sa monitorizati conversatiile pe Twitter, in timp real, dupa cuvintele cheie sau frazele pe care le mentionati.
Blogging , content 2011

Cea mai folosita platforma este, unde putei sa creati un blog free daca alegeti un design predefinit.
Este de preferat, ca design-ul blogului sa fie personalizat, iar daca acesta sustine un website, sa fie realizat in concordanta cu elementele de design ale website-ului.

BlogRolling( –servicii de monitorizare a blog-ului

Creative Commons( ) – servicii de protectie copyright

Feedburner( ) –RSS feed pentru blog

Flickr ( ) – hosting pentru imagini

Copyscape( ) – te ajuta sa urmaresti site-uri care iti folosesc continutul

Blogger Forum ( ) -forum pentru incepatori in blogging

WordPressAdmin Tools ( ) –lista 50+ unelte  WordPressadmin

Blogger Tools and Templates ( ) –100+ instrumente si subiecte for Blogger
Oportunitati in lumea digitala, content 2011

Fie ca acceptam sau nu, Digitalizarea a devenit o realitate a vietii noastre iar o Strategie Digital Marketing bine gandita si bine implementata, poate sa duca la atingerea intr-un timp scurt a obiectivelor...

Digital Marketing combina elementele de marketing care tin de Website cu Social Media Marketing si Mobile Marketing

Content Marketing si Social Media Marketing sunt unele dintre cele mai recente capitole adaugate in Strategia de comunicare si marketing a unei organizatii, iar combinatia lor reprezinta o cale noua de crestere a increderii, credibilitatii, reputatiei pentru o companie/organizatie/brand

Dezvoltarea prezentei online se bazeaza pe continut, pe informatiile transmise si vom numi acest lucru in continuare, Content Marketing.

Publicand in mod continuu informatii valoroase si relevante pentru publicul tina, veti crea un activ online pentru business.
Cheia de generare de lead-uri in mediul online, pentru orice tip de business, este transmiterea de informatii clare, relevante care sa ii faca pe vizitatori sa devina clienti potentiali.

Cele mai noi 3 conditii de a fi gasit online sunt:

- continut relevant, clar si optimizat pentru motoarele de cautare/ ce anume comunicati
- folosirea platformelor Social Media / unde, cand, cum comunicati
- prezenta in motoarele de cautare ( Search Engine Marketing) dupa cuvinte cheie relevante si cu alte informatii decat doar cu cele oferite prin continutul Website-ului ( SEO, Pay per Click –PPC).

Un continut bun, va genera in Social Media conversatii despre companie si despre produsele/serviciile oferite, creand astfel referinte “ Word of mouth”, extrem de valoroase pentru consolidarea si Reputatia brandu-lui.

Masurarea si analiza constanta a rezultatelor obtinute prin implementarea unei Strategii Digital Marketing (folosind Google Analytics sau Trafic de ex) este foarte importanta, iar rezultatele trebuie sa fie masurate in prospecti, clienti, bani.

Asadar, pentru a obtine cat mai rapid rezultate masurabile, pe langa o prezenta online, mai trebuie adaugate componentele de socializare ( Social Media Marketing) si mobilitate ( Mobile Marketing).

Digital Marketing presupune integrarea acestor elemente, avand in general 3 scopuri:

1. Generarea unui trafic targetat cat mai consistent catre Website /Blog ( generare de noi clienti potentiali, nu doar vizitatori)
2. Cresterea conversiei traficului – transformarea clientilor potentiali in clienti reali
3. Cresterea valorii si reputatiei brandului/ sau a unei initiative online, etc

O Strategie Digital Marketing de succes, imbina diferite modalitati prin care se ating aceste scopuri, modalitati care se potrivesc afacerii/organizatiei/initiativei online pe care ne concentram atentia.

Digital Marketing este arta de a integra elemente de marketing care tin de Website ( Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, E-mail Marketing) cu Social Media Marketing si Mobile Marketing si de a le face sa functioneze ca un tot unitar pentru atingerea obiectivului propus.

Poate fi numita arta pentru ca imbina tehnologia cu psihologia, gandirea strategica cu viziunea, inspiratia si creativitatea.

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