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Marketing customer oriented

My Opinions about marketing customer oriented

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 About SEO, SMO, PPC

*it is very important the products and services to be valuable for the clients
* focus on them and prepare them to be communicated on an appropriate way to meet their customers
* eBusiness consultancy on developing a client personalized lead generation activity, manage results

About lead generation

* with a good products, services, a good marketing for them, marketing customer oriented, with a good and fitted communication, can rise the chance for the product, services to meet the their clients
* also, people interested on them, other businesses that have the same client profile, would be happy to posts links, to give refferances about them, considering the products, services, the content, valuable

About lead generation B2B

Lead generation is about having good product , services to propose, is about a fitted communication, is about good marketing.
Good marketing for me represents marketing customer oriented.
To generate leads for B2B marketing products, services, are important:
* the B2B marketing products, services help the customers to do a good marketing for their clients
* the B2b marketing products, services arrive to meet their customers through a fitted, well done communications
* the landing pages, the well chosen online marketing tools, Google Adwords, email marketing,..., the content marketing, customer oriented
A good, a well done lead generation for B2B marketing products, services, could be a premise for a good lead generation for B2C products, services...

About online marketing for ecomm

To grow up the chance for the leads that arrive on the websites to be potential clients, that become active clients, I think is important to conduct the lead generation activities, being focused on:
* landing pages, made for different competitive products, services, type of the clients resulted from a good, creative segmentation
* creative content marketing, cusotmer oriented
* the places where the products, services are communicated, Google Adwords, Social Networks...
The content can be localized, personalized, on different languages; sometimes, to be able to get the wished results on the specific market, it needs to analyse, to know the particularities of different markets and to personalize the marketing activities

About writing content

* content marketing, customer oriented
* the products, services are very important also a creative way to make the segmentation of the clients, potential clients to whom you communicate about the products, services and the places where you communicate
* creative content made to be valuable, relevant for the business, to communicate the benefits, for the clients, partners and for the search engines

About PPC, Google Adwords

* the products, services you want to communicate about through the campaign, are very important for making a good and creative segmentation of the clients, potential clients you want to meet through the ads
* choosing the fitted, relevant, effective keywords for each clients group, will grow up the chance for the clients, potential clients, to see the ads on their searches; it is a challange to create a keywords list with the most efficient, fitted and relevant keywords
* a creative content, customer oriented, based on a good keywords list is important for a good CTR
* to have a good keywords list it is important also to continuously analyse the reports that will help to know when and what changes is good to make on the campaign
* for a good conversion rate and a good ROI, it is important that the places where the clients, the potential clients arrive through the ads, to have a good look and feel, usebility, a relevant content...

About growing up the attandance for a training, a conference event

The training content, the benefits for the clients are important to be able to make a good marketing, customer oriented for them.
When an interesting, usefull training proposal, a good presentation of those who conduct it, arrive to meet the potential clients through fitted communication way based on
*creative content, customer oriented
*chosing the relevant online tools
* chosing the places where the training will be communicated,
the sales has the premises to grow up

About improving SEO for a website with already 1st page rank for a keyword

Having an organic 1st page rank for the website, on the search engines, is already a good SEO job, a good online search engine marketing position.
A good combination between :
* analysing the reports and choosing, adding the keywords to obtain a creative, relevant, efficient kewords list
* conducting a proffessional, customer oriented Adwords campaign
* improving the website, being sure that it is fitted with the communication campaigne, regarding the look and feel, the content, the usebility
can improve the ranking, in order to receive more leads, more awarness

About Email marketing

Here are a few important things that I think can give chances for a marketing email, for an email campaigne, to receive results...
* a marketing email has to be seen, to be understood, like a marketing way, very closed to the client, to the potential clients, for content delivery
* because there is a near, a direct way to the clients, it is important to know who will receive the email and with this, I mean, to have the tools needed to define specific segmentation criterias for the database
* the content, customer oriented, has to be fitted to the clients needs, interesting for them and to exprim the benefits, the advantages that the company is transfering through the products and services; the title is important!!!
* the email design, look and feel, are important to be clean, positive, user friendly, with call to action elements
* the technical part is also important, the marketing email has to contain the main elements for the customer care: the subscription, the working links, the integration with the social medias, the legal part, the company details
*about email campaignes, there are important the email frequency, the thechnical parts regarding emails database, the CRM features, the way to measure the results

About Sales

Sales is about having good product , services to propose, is about a fitted communication, is about good marketing.
Good marketing for me represents marketing customer oriented. When good products, services arrive, through a fitted and well done communication, to meet and make happy their clients, sales becomes a good done work

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