Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, continues to impress



Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, continues to impress

At the Ceremony of her exit from the human frame and her passage into the area of ​​@guardian angels@, she gathered almost all the leaders of the world. Regardless of nationality, color, political orientations, religion, culture…

And in the days leading up to the funeral ceremony, she was commemorated by her people, who showed her respect and gratitude, with millions, in an unprecedented organization and mobilization. I think there will be generations that will see this incredible Ceremony again.

Queues of tens of kilometers, with people in silence and respect, to make a last bow …

But not only the UK, Ireland and Scotland commemorated the life of Queen Elizabeth II, BUT THE WHOLE WORLD.
Worldwide, dozens of buildings, stadiums, airplanes, airports, institutions, displayed the flag of England and the face of the Queen, representing it with serenity.

National and international press, Social Media, companies, associations, institutions, governments, presidents.
Everyone paid tribute to the one who represented a symbol of engagement, a symbol of pacifist understanding, being liked and loved all over the world.
Millions of people, all over the world, have plans because they loved her, they regretted because she represented their hope for peace and good life, many showed their gratitude and respect.

And the Funeral Ceremony was overwhelming. With an organization close to perfection, with a deployment of military forces, police, various costumes, uplifting marching band and choral music, the services in the two cathedrals, absolutely special and impressive.

Watching the Funeral Ceremony on SkyNews, I captured some incredible images.
With the Queen’s place in front of the altar, which looks as if the Queen was in the person in front of the altar, wearing a cape with wings and a flower hat… this is how I saw the “design”, I don’t know if anyone could see this, I found it magical…

Screenshot_20220921-224640_Video trimmer
I think what impressed me the most was the departure from London, on the road full of people, waiting on entire kilometers for the convoy to pass in their applause… On the road lighted by the sun… And then, the entrance to Windsor Palace, among the flowers brought by the people covering the whole garden, near his army and waited on by his employees, by his horse and dogs, by family members, friends, priests and the wonderful choir.


What came out as lessons and inspiration, for the whole world, is to use true diplomacy, to appreciate the clarity, quality, the respect to be one of the essential values ​​of a society. In order to know wellbeing and welfare, we must have an appropriate attitude, to credit with confidence the balance, the intelligence, experience, knowledge, the wisdom, regardless of age. And without discrimination.

Many beautiful, real things have been presented about the Queen these days. I will say more what I wrote on the note together with my son, and place it in a bouquet of flowers, lit by a candle, as a sign of respect, to the UK Embassy in Bucharest.

Good heart, Smart, Wise, Patriot, Good Mother, Strong, Funny, Beautiful
Queen Elizabeth II

Drum Lin Majestate!

photo credits: SkyNews, Reuters, Google, Facebook




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