Crowning With Fairy Tale Elements


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The coronation of King Charles III is a remarkable event and an historical moment.

The monarchy continues to hold a political, economic and social importance, through its global…astral and ancestral influence. It represents a landmark, a hope, a faith.

It is a great responsibility, and when the King is a good man, a patriot, close to people and nature and who has acquired wisdom over time, with all global hardships of all kinds, in poverty or in wealth, we say God Save The King and good wishes for his entire family and for all those who support him.

There have always been difficult moments in history, and with all that, the stories of kings, princes, princesses, golden chariots, extraordinary horses, order and discipline, ovations and flowers, created moments of joy and hope. So was this coronation, with King Charles and his Queen Camilla, visibly emotional but happy. A crowning of the loyalty for the monarchy until now. A moment of glory, decent at the same time. As a moment of coronation after the magnificent and magisterial departure of Queen Elizabeth II, the one who defended the monarchy for many generations.

I leave here some pictures, which I took from YouTube, while watching the live broadcast. I would have liked to be present in person, but the atmosphere was relevantly transmitted and it was also the first time when, with the help of technology, a real coronation with fairy tale elements could be live seen by the whole planet.









Screenshot_20230507-161627_Video Trimmer

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