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I’ve asked my son Lucas, 6 years old:

What is the difference between joy and happiness?

Because his answer when I have downloaded him a game that he wanted very much was that he is full of joy and happy


*The joy is when we are glad, with smiles on our faces

*The happiness is when it is better

For Romania, to be happy and  full of joy , it needs to not rounded anymore slowly, tiring, with despondency, in a circle from many years old.

In order to evoluate, Romania needs to change.

Besides the natural beauties and treasures, received like gifts, Romania needs to mean people; needs to mean collective feeling, collective thinking and a good communication of what it is usefull, relevant and valuable.


The change involves the construction of a good sets of values, I named them olympic values or olympism values: respect, dignity, faith, open heart, determination, tenacity, optimism, energy, teamplay

These values needs to function like highlights.

This collective set of values could tell it, is forming through regaining the trust.

And I am not referring now to the people trust in other people that are governing them, but to the trust into the results that people arrived to see around them and into them lives.

Seeing that it is possible, people could arrive to change to themselves what they arrive to understand that could be necessary


This trust can be constructed through a few well defined directions, here are those that I consider now priorities:

~the concentration on the young generation, the priorities on fitted and efficient educational and learning programmes

The young generation is our future, they are adapting, they wish to live in a better world, they are connected, they are intelligent, with open hearts;

We need to help them to find their direction on their life, to create chances for them, to create reasons to be happy

We need to listen them, to give them credibility and to learn things that we have to make, into the present for the future

~collaboration between estate and the micro and macro business environment, its development sustain; the estate and the business environment should function like an entire

~prioritization with focus on quality, efficiency, efficacy, results that can generate resources

~concentration on value, quality, things that make the difference and communicate them in an organised, adequate way  

~opening to valuable people, to innovative ideas, to leadership, to people that want and that are able to participate, to be involved, to help through knowhow, knowledge, vision

cybernetics 2

The things need to move fast, the results need to be seen in short time.

The time became a resource more and more precious.

We need to try to make that our children not be another sacrificed generation. 


Romania has to define its international position, to take attitude to the global situations, to offer real support and to propose relevant, argued solutions that can produce fast results.

Romania shown that it is possible, into the history, when during a few years, became the European granary having the capital in Bucharest, a cosmopolitan city, named The Small Paris. Today, there are valuable people, part of them well known, others not known, that can be involved and to give support. The tragic event #colectiv, has been created an unprecedented action, when people sorted on the street, without leaders and organization, together with their children, showing that they want a better and a safer life.

cybernetics 6

In crisis situations, not the adaptability degree is the most important thing, but, the most important are the reaction capacity, to take the best decisions, in short time, with limited resources, taking into the consideration the people; the creation of the contingency plans; the demanded support, the received support and the preparation to give support, forward.

During all this time, the hope need to be fed and this thing are making with faith, open heart, fitted communication and with measuring the results.



During theses days, in Paris takes place the #COP21 meeting, Conferences of the Parties, where the world’s leaders, political, business, science people, are proposing concrete solutions for the stringent problems that the humanity needs to face on, about peace, about the global warming.

Romania should be there, with valuable and reliable solutions.

Hearty ConceptI offer my knowledge, experiences, aptitudes, to come with reliable solutions that can bring fast results, through Hearty Concept; I wish these projects like ~The young generation is our future~ to become to be implemented.

I would like that the affirmation ” My job is to make tomorrow’s world better” Steve Rogers #MarvelMondayMotivation, to find its place more evident in Romania, because it represents a way to think that could create the premises for the change that is needed…


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