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Ikebana & Business Networking: simplicity, balance, elegance, harmony

Lifestyle & Business Casual Event, November 2012, Bucharest

On November 15, 2012, through Hearty Concept, I have launched the project 5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock, Lifestyle & Business Casual Events format.

I have created 5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock, Lifestyle & Business Casual Events an Event Concept that propose a business casual framework for workshops on various topics of personal development and business development, combined with lifestyle related topics.

The purpose of organizing an event in this format is to help us, to armonious braid our professional life with what we like and what we want to do in our particular life.
This blend is actually trying to find a balance between professional part of our life, family, friends, hobbies and aspirations.

Sanda Lazur - Ikebana

Readers CafeWhen we manage to perform in our professional activity, finding those elements that we like and that we can, along knowhow and experience, to put a bit of passion, we can be more efficient, responsible and last but not least, creative.
The results will be different
, because, besides the material results, it is about the job satisfaction, the motivation, recognizing the value; the value that exists in each of us.

The air of the event is completed with the location where it takes place, a place chosen to create a nice and relaxing atmosphere.

The theme of the first event that took place on 15.11.2012 at Readers Cafe, Bucharest Metropolis Center, was:

Ikebana & Business Networking: simplicity, balance, elegance, harmony

Ikebana, the way of flowers

Ikebana, “the way of flowers”,  because, in addition to the beautiful natural arrangements that give a good feeling watching them, Ikebana means keeping touch with nature, a cult for beauty.

Business Networking, because when it is done in a professional manner, increases premises for business development or achieving personal aspirations.

The event was attended by entrepreneurs, from different domains of activity, in collaboration with IEBN, European Institute of Business Networking, that made a demonstration of business networking with enthusiasm and fun practical activities. 

Mrs Sanda Lazur, professor and expert in Ikebana was continued the wellbeing: “the goal of this art is to find the calm and the spiritual focus, as you find your way, the way to yourself”.


After that, the event was dedicated to business networking, with a background of very nice live music, Andrei Neagu delighted us, in a pleasant atmosphere provided of the Readers Cafe and dotted with flower arrangements, like in an Ikebana of wellbeing.


Because the Value has to be the foundation for every events and for every element regarding the business / casual workshopsHearty Concept intent to organise 5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock, Lifestyle & Business Casual Events to provide a suitable framework for quality networking, for brand awarness and personal branding, for promoting values ​​/ talents.


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